How to Clean and Maintain Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wrap advertising for car

HOW TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN VINYL WRAP It is an understated fact that commercial businesses have resorted to using creative and tactical way to promote their business. Of course, there is a lot that they could experiment with for increasing the exposure of their business to a general audience, and there is a lot that […]

Commercial Photography Explained

Commercial Photography Explained We’ve all been left bedazzled by those glossy photographs that adorn magazines and catalogs. But what makes these images stand out? We surely cannot replicate the results with our smartphones, or even DSLR cameras, so clearly there’s something more to it. Photography for commercial purposes is different from regular photography in that […]

5 Funny Marketing Ideas That Actually Worked

Marketing is no doubt a serious business. The success of a business depends on it, after all. But, then again, there’s also no such thing as serious marketing. Treat your customers and prospects to matter of factly advertising material, and you might as well have never approached them in the first place. In fact, the […]

What Makes Design Capture Attention?

People thinking

So you have a great idea for a product, but are struggling to convey its value with art? Fear not! Design is always a tricky thing to master, and executing it in a business setting can get even trickier. But that’s not to say it cannot be done. Now, we are all attracted to visual […]

Understanding Why People Buy What They Buy

Interesting question, isn’t it? Why and at what point does a person decide to give up their hard won cash to get something? Logically, we will think that it’s always because our products solve a well-defined problem in our customer’s lives. But then again, so do our competitor’s. So, why should they select you? Understanding […]

Here’s How Vehicle Wraps Are Transforming the Food Industry

Restaurants have traditionally been heavy users of vehicle advertising, especially restaurants that have a robust delivery model. Most restaurants own a fleet of delivery vehicles, whether it be cars vans or even two wheelers, which are constantly on the move; resulting in great visual advertising impact on the potential consumers who are everywhere. A vehicle […]

Are Your Marketing and Sales Goals Aligned?

marketing and sales

What would business be without jargon (or healthcare, defence, IT for that matter)? And while no doubt it always makes its wielders sound way more important, they also have a way of befuddling not only the people they are used at, but said wielders as well. Marketing and sales make for great points here. Both […]

Awesome Event Ideas To Try This Spring

spring events

We braced ourselves for winter. It came and it went. Now it’s spring…sweet, sweet spring! And who doesn’t like spring? The temperature’s just right, not too cold, not too hot. The Earth is in a state of rejuvenation as it explodes with life after the slumber of the cold months. No wonder we love to […]

Why You Should Tie Vehicle Ads With Your Website

We have spoken a lot regarding how effective vehicle advertising can be, primarily because we have witnessed its effectiveness again and again. That being said, we also believe that any advertising effort should be a part of a holistic marketing strategy. In other words, the better you tie one form of advertising with another, the […]