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Vinyl Graphics Installation

It was perfect. You saw it online and had to have it. Those vinyl graphics will look amazing in your store, on your office wall, or on the shop windows. There’s only one problem: you have no idea how to install them without putting them on cockeyed or ruining the image. 

Call in the experts! KNAM Media doesn’t just install their own vinyl graphics; we’re able to install any vinyl graphics you find.

Did you discover that the pieces of the image you purchased are hard to line up?
Are you baffled by how to get the graphic to be bubble free?
Did you get something that requires holding a huge piece of vinyl up while trying to keep it from sticking too soon?

We’ve got you. Don’t worry.

Our 3M certified and trained installers are in the NYC area every day installing vinyl graphics on every kind of wall, floor, and window. From permanent outdoor graphics that will stand up to the weather to removable wall graphics that need to look great, but not damage the walls, we know how to install anything.

Not What You Expected

We get calls all the time from people who purchased vinyl graphics online, but when it arrived, it felt too fragile to touch. 

Very often, they’re afraid to try to install it because they don’t want to tear the vinyl.

Our team can handle it. We have the right equipment and expertise to install your vinyl graphics perfectly. We guarantee they’ll be flawless, flat, and will stay up nicely.

We’re also confident and experienced enough to tell you when something simply won’t work. We’d rather tell you now than have you disappointed a few weeks later when your vinyl starts to fade or crack from poor quality. Once it’s up, you can’t return it.

The Right Team

No vinyl installation job is too big. From putting up graphics in an entire arena to a new design on a yoga studio wall, we’ve done it all, and we’ll do it for you.

Just Installation

Many people expect that since we do all of the vinyl printing for commercial vehicles, walls, floors and more, that we might not want to touch other company’s printings. 

In fact, we have lots of clients that get graphics from the corporate headquarters, and they ask us to install them. They want to make sure that the installation is perfect, straight and flawless. That takes an experienced hand. Our clients trust us because they know that it’s cheaper to get us to do it once than to have to reorder and reprint the graphics if they get ruined.

Contact KNAM Media

Reach out to us today. Send photos of the space and the vinyl graphics you have and we’ll get back to you right away with a quote. 

Since we’re right here in NYC, we can do the work fast and be there when you need us.

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