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Removable Wall Decals

Nothing is forever. 

The designs you put on your walls don’t need to be either.

Removable wall decals allow you to change the design in your office or shop easily and quickly.

Using state-of-the-art vinyl materials, 3M-invented adhesives, and our large-scale printing systems, we’re able to create almost anything for your business, put it on your walls, and take it down when you want something else. And the walls will be perfect when we’re done.

Uses for Removable Wall Decals

There are an infinite number of uses for removable wall decals, but here are some of the ideas we’ve seen recently:

  • Event wall graphics – From conferences to the launch of a new product, many companies like to adorn their walls with new marketing graphics. They’re able to do it with KNAM Media’s help, then change it to something else as soon as they need to. 
  • Sports seasons – Lots of sporting goods stores and betting parlors change their walls as the new sports seasons start up. Nothing gets fans excited like seeing their favorite sport represented on the wall.
  • Seasonal foods – As each season passes, restaurants serve seasonal vegetables and dishes. Putting images on the walls of this season’s veggies and specials inspires sales and makes your customers hungry.
  • Redecorating with a twist – When it’s time to redecorate, but you’re not sure, you can use removable wall graphics to test drive a new look. One wall or your entire business can be redesigned without needing to commit to a massive project.

How It Works

With KNAM Media, all we need is the designs. We can print anything on vinyl and give you high-resolution images for your walls. 

If you don’t have the designs, we can help you find a great graphic designer in the tri-state area to do the work for you.

Once we have the designs, we’ll send you a mock-up showing you exactly what the final product will look like.

Then we print it using our large-scale printers and the highest quality product.

Our team of pros will come and install the graphics and ensure that everything looks great.

When you’re done with graphics, we’ll come out and remove everything to make sure the walls aren’t damaged.

Don’t Settle for Less

There are a lot of companies online that offer to print removable wall graphics. In fact, every week, we get a call from someone who bought graphics online. Invariably, something’s wrong, The vinyl is low quality. The printing is wrong. The adhesive is ruining the walls. 

Don’t trust your business to the lowest bidder or someone that makes a lot of promises they can’t keep.

KNAM Media is a New York company covering the NYC-New Jersey-Connecticut area. We’re right here for you. You can look us in the eye.

Since this is our home, we have to do great work, just like we have for years.

Removable walls graphics enhance your commercial spaces, increase sales, and give your shop, restaurant, or offices a new look, quickly and easily.

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