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Privacy Window Film

And there they are again! Peepers. Looky-loos. People walking by your office or shop and staring in. 

In some businesses, having lots of people looking in is fine, but for others and even for parts of some public businesses, those eyes can make your customers and employees uncomfortable. They may even cost you money.

If you have an exterior or interior window or door that you want to keep people from looking through, privacy window film is the answer.

Using a frosted film, KNAM Media lets the light through, but keeps anyone from seeing what’s going on on the other side.

Types of Business for Privacy Window Film

Almost any business that wants to avoid being on display can use privacy window film, but some businesses are more likely than others.

  • Fine dining – Having people looking in at your guests who are eating an expensive meal is not good for business. Give them the beauty of diffuse natural light without the audience.
  • Doctor’s offices – You work hard to protect your patient’s information and privacy. When the windows to your waiting room are plain glass, there’s no privacy anymore. Protect them with the help of KNAM Media. 
  • Tattoo parlors – Your clients are laying down and getting their ink on. It’s fun to have the world see what you’re doing, but some clients want to keep it private. Even more important when they’re getting tattoos in private places.
  • Therapists – Your patients may be shy or just don’t want anyone knowing that they’re seeing a therapist. Keep them hidden with classy window film that looks great, lets light in, and provides them with lots of privacy.

You don’t have to have patients or clients to want privacy. Your office just off the shop floor should be a place where you can get out of the line of sight.

Don’t DIY This

It seems so simple, a sheet of privacy film for your window. All you have to do is put it on. 

That’s a lot harder than it looks. Covering the window well, keeping bubbles and wrinkles out, and making sure that you have the right level of opacity requires an experienced hand.

Let the experts at KNAM Media handle it. Our installers come to your office or shop, install the film, and make sure everything is perfect.

Your Style

Privacy window film doesn’t have to be just a flat, opaque sheet. We offer dozens of styles. The films come in white, gray, brown, and more. You can get film that looks like ice crystals or has a smoky tinted look. 

No matter what style you choose, KNAM Media makes it happen, quickly and professionally.

Making the Right Choice

If you’re considering a privacy window film, contact KNAM Media. We’ll discuss your options, find the right style for your decor, and deliver it right to you. We install it and make sure that you’re happy before we leave. 

We make it easy to keep your privacy.

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