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Opaque Window Decals

Add color and style to your windows – style and color that sells your business and your products. Opaque window decals can be printed in any color, any size, and with any message. 

Need to advertise your big sale? An opaque window decal is perfect.
Want to put up your mask policy? We can do that.
Promoting a new line? Yup, that’s easy too.
Offering an amazing new service? We can do that too.

A Classic That’s Still Awesome

Opaque window signs have been around for decades, but they’ve gotten an upgrade in recent years. 

Today, KNAM Media prints them on static cling vinyl in brilliant colors. The lines are crisp and the contrast makes the message stand out.

We have created tens of thousands of signs for thousands of companies in the New York City – New Jersey – Connecticut area. From ice cream shops to airlines, we create signs for every business and for every occasion.


We offer opaque window decals that can be stuck on the outside of a window or door, as well. In recent months, we’ve done a lot of signs for businesses that talk about masks, social distancing, and the current state of their businesses. 

Indoor clings are attached by static. This allows them to be removed and reused easily. These are great for doors too. Make sure your customers see that you’re having a 20% off sale by putting a sign at eye level right on the front door!

Making It Yours

One of the best ways to make sure that everyone knows what store they’re in is to choose a font and font color, as well as a consistent sign color and style. Just this simple set of decisions creates a cohesive brand that quickly grows to be part of your brand. 

Consider places like Barnes and Noble and Starbucks that always have signs that are the same style and colors. No matter where you go in America, those styles tell you what store you’re in and what you can expect.

Even if you only have a single shop right now, one of the best ways to establish your brand and get it ready for growth is to create signage that looks like it was produced by a chain.

KNAM Media creates the opaque window signs you need to sell your products, build your brand, and be ready for an amazing future.

Making the Right Choices

Often, we get calls from clients who ordered their signs online. They found a place that printed a sign cheap and thought, “Well, I can save money and put the sign on myself.”

That sounds great, but too often, it doesn’t work out that way. 

  • The sign is put on crooked and won’t come off. You’re gonna need some help getting it off cleanly.
  • It’s fine, but the adhesive is too strong. This happens a lot. Cheap films with insanely strong adhesives aren’t a bargain.
  • The printing is off, misspelled, or completely the wrong look. There’s not going to be any way to recover from that, especially if you bought from a company in China or the Philippines.

Let KNAM Media help you get the job done right the first time!

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Die Cut Window Decals

Die Cut Window Decals

By cutting die cut vinyl signs into precise shapes, we’re able to draw the viewer’s eye to the sign.

Translucent Window Decals

A translucent window decal obscures the images behind, but allows light through.

Frosted Window Decals

Frosted Window Decals

Frosted window graphics give the same great look for a fraction the price.