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Frosted Window Decals

Classy and classic, frosted windows decals are a great way to tell customers passing by who you are and what you do. Looking like etched glass, the frosted look has been around for a long time, but it’s never been this easy. 

The team at KNAM Media takes your logo, business name, motto, or catchphrase and turns it into a beautiful frosted vinyl image that fits perfectly in your window. It doesn’t block light and gives an inviting look to the business.

The Etched Look

Real etched glass is rare because it’s expensive and permanent. Since many businesses lease the spaces they’re in, they don’t want to permanently alter the windows and doors. 

Frosted window graphics give the same great look for a fraction the price. And they can be removed and replaced any time.

Cut to Shape

One of the most beautiful ways to use frosted window decals is to have KNAM cut them out into designs and shapes. Maybe it’s a lotus for a yoga studio or a caduceus for a doctor’s office. You can even choose shapes from nature, like trees, flowers, and plants. Cars for a car dealer or a laptop for a computer repair company. These cut out designs add a lot of style to the space without blocking the windows or the light.

Professionally Installed

There are a lot of online businesses that will try to sell you frosted glass decals. They are doing only half the job. One of the hardest parts of using frosted window designs is installing them perfectly. 

Getting the lettering and images perfectly straight and free from flaws is difficult and takes an experienced hand. The installers at KNAM Media will do that for you anywhere in the New York City – New Jersey – Connecticut area.

Our pros will come to your place, make sure the glass is clean and ready, then install the graphics perfectly, every time.

The Home Office

Many of us use our homes to do business. Rather than a large opaque sign, your office door can have an etched glass look that doesn’t detract from the beauty of your house. 

Throughout New York City and the surrounding areas, older homes have been converted into offices. No one wants to ruin the beauty of a 100 year-old brownstone with an ugly sign. Let frosted window decals elevate the look.

Safety Decals

Inside businesses with glass walled offices and meeting rooms, it’s important to make sure that people don’t walk into the giant panes of clear glass. Putting frosted decals on them makes them visible to anyone walking by, but doesn’t take away from the reasons you choose glass walls in the first place.

Privacy Film

Keeping your spaces private is important. If your office or business has glass walls, either inside or outside, you don’t necessarily want to feel like you’re on display all the time. With frosted window graphics, you get privacy, keep a soft light flowing into the room, and eliminate that “working in a fish bowl” feeling. 

Let KNAM Media handle your frosted window decals. We’ll make your space feels classier and more beautiful, with extra privacy and lots of great marketing.

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