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Permanent Wall Decals

Want your logo on the wall, forever? 
Want to make sure that your favorite photos are on the wall permanently?
Need a design that will stay on for years without a problem?
Have a favorite quote for your business?
What about a great company motto or tagline?

You need permanent wall decals from KNAM Media.

Everything that’s core to you and your business will look great on a wall forever.

Most Popular Permanent Wall Decals

There are some very popular decals that we get a call for all the time.

  • Permanent wall decals that identify the different sections of a store.
  • Decals that list some of a business’s permanent offerings.
  • Visuals that guide customers through a restaurant or mall.

Some business owners worry that permanent decals might become outdated. Not when you choose something that’s central to your brand identity.

For example, an auto repair shop will always offer tires, batteries, and oil changes. Even if they start to specialize in one brand or one type of vehicle, they’ll still offer the basics. 

If you own a family Italian restaurant, you’re always going to want pictures of your parents and grandparents on the wall. You might want a photo of Sicily where your family comes from. Some things won’t change.

Permanent vs Removable

The biggest advantage to permanent wall decals is they will never wear out, peel off, or fade. While KNAM Media’s temporary wall decals are designed to stay in place and last a long time, permanent wall decals will be there for forever looking like they were just installed. 

Brand Identity

Some brands haven’t changed for 50 years and they aren’t going to change in the next 50. That logo, brand name, and other information can all be attached to a wall forever. This ensures that 50 years later it’s still there. 

One of the most popular designs is to show a business’s evolution through the years. From the first shop to the most recent store front, you can show the timeline of your business in photos and dates.

Spruce Up the Kids’ Space

Permanent wall decals are durable and brightly colored making them perfect for day care centers, pediatricians’ offices, and hospitals. Add a huge splash of color with cartoon animals, fun shapes, a space scene, or anything you want. Vinyl is easy to clean and disinfect, ideal for spaces that need to be extra safe now and into the future. 

Getting Started with KNAM Media

It all starts with a design. If you don’t have one, give us a call. We know a lot of independent graphic designers in the tri-state area. 

Once we have a design, we’ll send you a detailed mock up that shows you exactly what the decal will look like.

After that’s approved, we’ll print it and come to your place and install it. Our professional installers make sure that everything looks perfect before we leave.

Permanent wall decals are all about making a permanent statement. Let the team at KNAM Media show you how amazing they can be.

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