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Vinyl Wall Murals

“You know what would be perfect right there? A giant picture of some woods and pasture.”
“That wall needs a piece of graffiti art.”
“We should use that wall to advertise the new line. It’s just a giant blank spot we’re wasting.” 

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, KNAM Media can print a huge wall mural for you that turns an ordinary wall into a work of art or a giant billboard for your business.

We’ve created every type of wall mural imaginable. From a big advertisement for a new cosmetics line to photos of the Knicks playing, our works are on walls all over the tri-state area.

Some of the murals we’ve done have been for relatively small walls, just a five-foot wide stretch. Others have been massive, over 50 feet of wall space that needed a great mural on it.

Oversize Printing

At KNAM Media, we can print anything almost any size. This lets us create wall murals that are high-definition, with brilliant colors and clean lines. 

Our clients have used our wall murals everywhere and to do almost everything. Because we install and remove them so they don’t damage the walls, we can replace the mural every season or for a new sale.

Popular Vinyl Wall Mural Designs

Of course, in the New York area, one of the most popular designs is the New York City skyline with the brand’s logo and/or motto. This is a great way to show the business as a distinctly NEw York enterprise. 

One of our favorites was an image of a Zen garden that we installed for a yoga studio. Once it was up, it made the room look huge and gave a feeling of calm.

Many sporting goods stores have images on their walls. From photos of forests to specific sports, these images help customers envision themselves using the goods that are sold in the store.

How to Get Started

The idea is really simple; all you need is a great image or design. If you don’t have the right design yet, we help you find a tri-state area graphic designer to create something for you. 

You don’t need to have a photograph, either. We can print cartoons, icons, just about anything you want on the vinyl.

In the next step, we’ll give you a complete mock up that shows you exactly what it will look like.

Once the mock up is approved, we’ll print out your image on the highest quality 3M materials. 3M is the global leader in printable signage materials, inventing and perfecting this type of technology to ensure your images are perfect.

Next, our installers arrive at your business and install the mural. We guarantee that every image is straight and looks great.

In other words, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We make sure that your business shines with outstanding wall murals.

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Wall murals & decals

permanent decals

Everything that’s core to you and your business will look great on a wall forever.

removable decals

Removable wall decals allow you to change the design in your office or shop easily and quickly.

die-cut lettering

With our large scale printing machinery, we’re able to print images any size you want.