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Removable Window Decals

Every year for the past four years, you’ve had a big sale every season. You want to put that sale information on the windows and doors to make sure that everyone knows as they pass by. 

The problem is that paper and cardboard signs fade and eventually fall apart. Most other signage is either permanent or really hard to get off.

Enter KNAM Media with removable window decals. Sometimes called window clings, these amazing signs can be put up and taken down from glass dozens of times.

How Removable Window Decals Work

Removable window decals, or clings, stay on the window with static electricity. Clean the window, put it on, and it’ll stay there until you peel it off. Store it away and keep it clean. It’s ready to be used again next time. 

At KNAM Media, we can print anything on a removable window decal. From your company logo to the details of your seasonal sales, we print them and show you how to put them up.

Saving Money

Removable window decals are y inexpensive, and, since they can be reused, they can save money over disposable signage. All you need to do is use them twice, and you’re saving money.

Inside Windows

If you have a store where there’s an interior glass wall, use removable window clings to change the message all the time. 

You can even have different signs for different parts of the month or the week. Every day, you can change the sign to highlight the daily special or offer a discount for certain groups. The sky’s the limit! All you need to do is think it up, and we’ll make it happen.

Elements of Signs

One way that many businesses use removable window decals is as elements of a signage theme. For example, a set of similar signs that offer discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off can be reused throughout the year for various sales and offers.

Smaller elements, like credit card signup offers and loyalty card specials, are also excellent for this type of signage.

Once you have a collection of removable, reusable window decals, you can mix and match the images for each of your events.

At KNAM Media, we keep your designs on file so that you only need to let us know when you need a replacement or an additional decal.

Services and Freebies

Do you offer free wi-fi?
How about a free coffee with a bagel purchase?
Maybe you offer free estimates? 

Removable window decals are perfect for all of these smaller, but important, offerings. Because they’re repositionable, you’re not committed to where they are now. You can move them out of the way when you want to put a different sign in its place.

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Reach out to KNAM Media. Let’s talk about what you need and how we can provide you with the perfect removable window decals for every event and every service your business offers.

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