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Translucent Window Decals

A translucent window decal obscures the images behind, but allows light through. The most famous kind is a frosted decal, but there are some amazing new styles that add and distinction to a space. 

Some of the new 3M translucent window decals are designed to obscure the view without being just frosted. They are prismatic, covered with patterns, or designed to refract light in interesting patterns.

Looking for a new style for your business? Ask us about these new translucent decals today.

Getting the Style You Want

The team at KNAM Media can show you a full catalog of translucent window decals. 

We have a huge variety of styles. We cut your film into different shapes, print on areas that you’d like to have a message, and much more.

The most important part is that you can have it any way you’d like it.

The Importance of Privacy

Translucent window decals give you privacy inside your business. This is important for many businesses. In a doctors’ office, making your windows opaque will allow light in, but keep your patients’ privacy intact. For busy restaurants, it’s nice to have natural light without having your diners exposed to the whole city walking by. 

This type of film is also great for windows that face into the sun. They break up the brightness of the light without making the space too dark. Since these films are available in a variety of colors and styles, we help you fit them to your decor easily.

The Stained Glass Look

One popular style is the stained glass look, a window film that looks like a high-quality stained glass window. Because it’s custom-made, you choose the design that you’ll get. 

If you have a design you like, we print it for you and make your space look outstanding!

Installation of Window Decals

here are a lot of places online that are willing to sell you translucent window decals. This can be tempting, but every day, we get calls from businesses that want us to come out and fix their windows. 

The challenge is putting on any window film requires experience. You end up with films that are crooked or filled with bubbles and creases.

It looks simple, but it’s a skill that we’ve trained for and worked for years.

If you have substandard window decals up now, give us a call at (347) 389-5626. We’ll plan to come to your business, take it down, and put up a professional-looking installation that is perfectly placed and adds to the style of the space.

3M Certified Dealer and Installer

KNAM Media is 3M certified. 3M is the world’s foremost manufacturer and inventor of window films. They’ve trained our staff to work with their products, create amazing styles, and install them according to manufacturer’s specifications. 3M materials last for years with little or no maintenance.

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