Reflective Decals

Make your vehicle stand out with decals that can be seen night and day. Reflective decals are an excellent way to make your logo visible at night, add safety markers on your vehicles, or to create a dynamic, brightly colored image on your truck, car, van, or bus.

Visible at NIght

If your vehicle is making deliveries at night or your business is open at night, it can be great to have a logo, phone number, and/or web address on the side of your vehicle. We print full color images that look as good at night as they do during the day.

Brilliant Colors

The vinyl reflective material is printed in nearly any color. Even during the day, the colors will pop out. Those same colors are visible in the dark as well.


Our vinyl reflective decals are durable and last for years. Once we put them on your car, they will stay neat and beautiful for a long time.

Fleets of Reflective Vehicle Decals

Because this is an inexpensive way to put your logo and information on your vehicles, it’s perfect for fleets where you might find full wraps cost-prohibitive. The decals look great and make the whole fleet look like, well, a fleet.

Excellent ROI

Every day when your vehicles are out with your employees or you’re out driving, those vehicles are advertising your business. This is one of the very best CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) in marketing. A single car in New York City might be seen by 50,000 people in a day. Each of those impressions would cost you much more on social media and a hundred times more on television. 

Choosing the Right Design

The design can be almost anything you want. Most businesses choose a single logo or image that goes on the doors of their cars, vans, and trucks. Reflective decals are also very popular on the backs of box trucks and trailers. 

One unique way to use reflective decals is to put them on backwards the front or hood of a vehicle so they can be read in a rear view mirror. This makes a huge impression. Customarily only police and emergency services vehicles will have this, so when you livery, towing, or delivery company is in the rear view, it make a bold statement.

Getting Started with Vehicle Reflective Decals

Give our team a call at (347) 389-5626 . We’ll talk about what type of vehicle or vehicles you’re working with. We’ll look at the best choices, unique ideas, and the type of decals that we know make the most impact. No matter what we do, it’s customized for your needs, vehicles, and company branding. 

If you don’t have the graphics already, we know a bunch of great graphic designers in the region that will help you.

We’ll print it, come to your place and put it on. We guarantee your satisfaction and know that this will be one of the best marketing investments you ever make.

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When you’re ready for removable floor graphics, call the team at KNAM Media. We will print and install your graphics anywhere in the New York City – New Jersey – Connecticut area. 

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Magnetic Decals

Renting or Leasing a Vehicle? Use your personal vehicle for business during the week? Magnetic decals are the perfect choice for marketing your business on your vehicle.

Perforated Graphics

Perforated window graphics are perfect for allowing a continuation of a design that’s not the body of the vehicle or for creating a fascinating detail.

Clear Window Clings


We print it on crystal clear vinyl with all your colors, shapes, and fonts. We deliver it to you or we install it for you.