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FAQ: Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl Car Wraps, also known as “vinyl vehicle wraps” or “vinyl vehicle decals,” are a new method of business advertising in which a large vinyl graphic is applied directly over the paint of a truck, car, or other vehicle. Because they are made of vinyl, these wraps are easily removable without damaging the existing paint job on the vehicle. However, it is important to ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly washed before applying the vinyl wrap. Vinyl Vehicle Wraps by KNAM Media GroupThis is an extremely effective form of advertising because of the significant audience that can be reached in a short amount of time for a one time, low cost, giving vinyl vehicle wraps a much lower cost per impression (CPI) than many other methods of traditional business marketing.

There are several different types of vinyl car wrap advertisements:

Partial Car Wrap: A partial car wrap only covers a segment of the vehicle, such as the middle section. Partial car wraps may or may not include the hood of the vehicle. Car wraps can also be cut into custom designs to better fit the aesthetic of the given advertisement. It is possible to cover the windows of the vehicle but visibility must remain above at least 50% for safety purposes.

Full Car Wrap: A full car wrap generally covers the entire surface of the vehicle.

Almost any type of vehicle can be wrapped, including (but not limited to) sedans, trucks, vans, food carts, SUVs, and other vehicles for which custom wraps can be designed. Contact us to see what we can do about installing a vinyl wrap on your vehicle.

You can either present us with an existing image, or bring your ideas to us and our designer team will come up with an image that is perfect for your business. If you choose, you can leave us a 30% deposit while we come up with a drawing that you like, and if you approve, you give us the full 70% so we can design and install the image.

Car wrap advertising is a particularly cost-effective marketing method because once the wrap is installed, it can remain on the vehicle for several years. Then, the number of potential customers who view your car wrap advertisement is contingent upon how frequently you use the vehicle and in what areas it is driven.

We recommend avoiding car washes as they can damage the integrity of the car wrap. It is best to hand wash your vehicle once the car wrap is installed.

For further questions about how vinyl car wraps can increase the exposure of your small business, give us a call today at 347-389-KNAM.

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