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Event Wall Graphics

Ready for a trade show?
Putting on a concert?
Hosting a big dinner?
Want to tie the decor into your event? 

KNAM Media prints event wall graphics, sometimes call temporary wallpaper, and installs everything to give your space the style you need.


Every event hall looks the same, no matter where you go. Often, they’re small rooms with off-white walls, mediocre lighting, and no personality. 

With event wall graphics, you can make the space reflect the event. Use the colors of the trade show, the images of the subject of the event, or even a list of participants – on the wall.

Trade Show Map

Have you ever been to a trade show and had no idea where to find the map? It ended up being a four-foot tall sign somewhere with a lot of traffic. 

Put your trade show map on every wall. When someone needs to find their way to a specific vendor, or the restroom, they go to any wall. No more searching for a tiny sign or trying to decipher a small printed map that has thousands of vendors on it.

The Concert

Welcome your next big act with a massive image of them, their latest album cover, or a symbol familiar to their fans. 

We can put it up and take it down, all without damaging the wall. Because KNAM can do large scale printing and installation, we can handle any size space, make it look perfect, and be there to remove it when needed.

Booth Images

You have the table skirt, the standing signs, and lots of pens. Now you need to make the background look great. Sure, you can use a hanging vinyl sign, but wouldn’t it be more impressive to use the whole wall behind you? 

Let us know the dimensions of your space, and we’ll print a sign to fit. Then we’ll arrive before the show to put it up and come back after the show to take it down.

Full Color - Full Scale

There’s no limit to what you can print on an event wall decal. We do lettering, photos, logos, and much more. It’s all printed in any of thousands of colors and is incredibly crisp. 

Send us a file, and we’ll get the printing done.

Professional Installation

If you don’t do it right, even in a room of 100 people and 25 tables, that first thing anyone will notice is that your event graphics are crooked. This is a job for professionals. 

The KNAM Media has been printing and installing event wall graphics for decades. We’re 3M certified in every type of vinyl and wrap signage. We know our stuff.

We’ll make certain that your space looks great and impresses everyone the steps through it.

More than Just Walls

We print and install event wall graphics in more places than just walls. We can do posts as well. Often, there are large pillars in the center of the room, each a great place to advertise your event, your attendees or your organization. We turn them into business opportunities! 

Let’s make your event a real event!

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Wall murals & decals

wall murals

We’ve created every type of wall mural imaginable, our works are on walls all over the tri-state area.

removable decals

Removable wall decals allow you to change the design in your office or shop easily and quickly.

permanent decals

Everything that’s core to you and your business will look great on a wall forever.