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Wall Decal Installation

There are thousands of blogs, articles, and videos about wall decal installation. They’re all very helpful, but they don’t solve a basic problem: This is not your area of expertise. But it is ours. 

We’re KNAM Media. Our professional installers have installed thousands of vinyl wall decal projects. They know how to get the job done right.

Understanding the Project

The most difficult part of installing vinyl wall decals is getting everything straight and putting it properly in relation to the rest of the decals and the objects in the room. If you look at videos online, they have you holding a level or putting up a piece of tape. 

If you’re putting up a wall decal in a kid’s room, no problem. In your business, where lots of people are going to see it, the slightest amount of tilt or misplacement is going to be noticed.

Worse, if it’s ever so slightly off-square, the brain will detect it, even though most people won’t consciously know what’s wrong. This can put people ill-at-ease, even though they have no idea why.

Hiring the Pros

No matter where your wall decal came from, KNAM Media’s team of trained and experienced professionals can help. 

Of course, we’d love to be your source for wall decals, but even if you’ve received some from your headquarters or purchased them online, we’ll help you install them.

Different Styles

Some wall decals are designed to be very easy to install with lines that we can square off to, but many others are just stickers on a sheet of paper. When you try to install them, you find yourself struggling to make them look right and to get the elements of the image to fit together correctly. 

Since you have no idea what style of product you’re going to end up with, it’s always better to let professionals handle it from start to finish.

Franchisees and Wall Decals

There are times when a franchisee will need wall decal installation. Many companies use vinyl wall decals as part of their ongoing, in-store marketing. They send over decals that are meant to go up on a wall in the franchisee’s store. 

This is fine, except that many franchisees will never put them up or will put them up wrong. Put simply: It’s not as easy as it looks. It takes time and the right tools.

If your corporate office has sent you vinyl wall decals that need to be installed, call KNAM Media at (347) 389-5626. We’ll send our professional installers out to make sure that everything looks great and doesn’t take up your whole day.

A Tri-State Institution

KNAM Media has been in the tri-state (New York – New Jersey – Connecticut) area for decades. We’ve worked with thousands of businesses and handled tens of thousands of jobs. 

Besides installation, we also offer the highest quality decals, clings, and more to market your business, make a statement, and let the world know what you’re selling or promoting.

Contact us today for fast, personal service that will make your space look amazing.

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