Magnetic Decals

Renting or Leasing a Vehicle? Use your personal vehicle for business during the week? Magnetic decals are the perfect choice for marketing your business on your vehicle.

Designed to look great for years, magnetic decals can be put on and taken off in just seconds. They won’t damage the paint on the vehicle, but they still get you all of the marketing and advertising you get from a permanent vinyl wrap or partial wrap.

Perfect for You

There are millions of people who use their personal vehicles for work part of the time. Real estate agents, pharmaceutical sales people, and many others will use their own cars, vans, or trucks for part of the week. 

Using a magnetic decal, you can take it off when it’s time to take the children out for ice cream. It allows you to be off sometimes, without everyone knowing what you do for a living.

An Inexpensive Option

Magnetic decals are very popular because they’re inexpensive and versatile. You can use your decal everywhere, even putting it on a front door when it’s not in use on your vehicle.

The Return on Investment

Your magnetic commercial vehicle decal will make a lot of impressions. Marketing is gauged on CPM (cost per thousand impressions). A magnetic decal is extremely inexpensive for on-vehicle marketing. That puts the CPM at pennies, where the CPM for Facebook is almost $2.00. The CPM for television is nearly $20. 

Marketing with your vehicle is very cost-effective. Importantly, everyone you market to will be, by definition, in your work area. You’re not spending money to market to people in Philadelphia when you only work in NYC.

Forget Boring

If you search a little, you’ll find magnetic signs for vehicles that are painfully boring. They have a company name, address, phone, and web address in a black letters on a plain, white background. 

Forget that! At KNAM Media, we’re able to print almost anything on a magnetic car decal. Your logo? No problem. Your motto? Easy. A photo of you? Of course.

We can put anything on your deca, and we print it so it fits well.

Make It Personal

In some companies, sales or service people share vehicles. With magnetic decals, you can allow them to personalize their vehicle every day with their name and information. Since many salespeople pride themselves on always marketing, this is a great way to engage new prospects.

Make a Statement

These days, many businesses have chosen to make social messages part of their brand. If you’re adding a new concept or promoting an idea, you can use magnetic decals to get the message on your vehicles quickly and easily. And, if the message changes or you decide to promote a new idea, you can just peel it off and let us make you new decals.

Get Started with KNAM

To get started, all you need to do is ask. Call us at (347) 389-5626. We’ll talk about what you need. We’ll discuss your design. If you’re not sure, we help you find a great graphic designer to create something for you. 

Once it’s printed, we deliver it to you and put it on the first time.

Have a fleet that needs magnetic decal signs? We’ve got you covered. There are massive discounts for fleets!

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Reflective Decals

If your vehicle is making deliveries at night or your business is open at night, it can be great to have a logo, phone number, and/or web address on the side of your vehicle.

Perforated Graphics

Perforated window graphics are perfect for allowing a continuation of a design that’s not the body of the vehicle or for creating a fascinating detail.

Clear Window Clings


We print it on crystal clear vinyl with all your colors, shapes, and fonts. We deliver it to you or we install it for you.