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How to Clean and Maintain Vinyl Wrap


It is an understated fact that commercial businesses have resorted to using creative and tactical way to promote their business. Of course, there is a lot that they could experiment with for increasing the exposure of their business to a general audience, and there is a lot that they could integrate into their portfolio for increasing awareness and responsiveness to a general public. However, commercial businesses are likely to incorporate vinyl wrap to their commercial vehicle for commercial purposes, and to advertise the name of their business to a general public.

However, not many vehicle owners are familiar with the maintenance and cleanliness of vinyl wraps, and they take their vehicles to a regular car cleaner, which is never an ideal solution for removing gunk off a vinyl wrap installed to your car. While, there are certain DIYs that one could practice—it is always important for a commercial business car owner to allow a professional and expert to clean their vehicle for them.

Reason to clean and maintain car vinyl wrap:

It is no wonder that the primary objective of a vinyl car wrap should be to advertise the name of a business but, it is also focused on protecting the car paint against corrosion and certain environmental factors. Therefore, it is important for a business to work with an expert for having their vinyl wrap cleaned professionally and skillfully. Also, being regular with the maintenance of your car’s would help with extending the lifespan and appearance of the vehicle wrap, and it would also help with keeping any pollutants at its bay. Using special vinyl wrap cleaners would help preserving and enhancing the colors and graphics of the vinyl work.

How often should you focus on vinyl wrap cleaning and vinyl wrap maintenance?

Vinyl graphics, similar to paint work, is highly susceptible to sunrays and environmental pollutants, and it eventually leads to diminishing the vivacity and radiance of the vinyl work. If a commercial vehicle is constantly on the go then, it would be exposed to pollutants and mist that would eventually degrade the composition of the wraps. A car owner or car driver should be careful when driving a wrapped car under certain circumstances, and it should try to park the car in shaded area for shielding it against the harmful sunrays.

Similar with any vehicle, it is best recommended to be consistent with vinyl wrap maintenance to avoid the buildup of the contaminants on the wraps. If you are not so consistent with the removal of gunk and dust from your vinyl wraps, it may tamper with its graphics, and it may require you to reinvest in car vinyl for preserving a brand name painted to the car.

Also, if you are negligible with the removal of stains and marks from your vinyl wrap, it could become permanent, and it is never a good look especially when you are using your vehicle for commercial and business purposes. If any contaminant is not removed then, a person may be required to use non-conventional cleaning methods for the removal of stains, road tar, bug splatter, and bird droppings from +the vehicle. Again, having any of these stains on your vehicle is not a good look!

As an easy-to-follow DIY, you can try using hot water and soap for the removal of the nasty stains from the vehicles. Or, using denatured alcohol can help with the removal of these unwanted stains from vinyl wraps installed to your vehicle. As an alternative, you can wash your vehicle for cleaning your car’s wrap. When using the first method, you can scrub off the dirt and grit using a cleaner or spray of water then, you can use a microfiber cloth for scrubbing off any dirt from the vehicle. However, you should make sure to rinse any excess off the vehicle before putting the vehicle to its use.

Another way of cleaning wrapped vehicles would require you to visit a car wash, and request the cleaner to use a touch less system for cleaning your wrapped car as safely and efficiently as possible. Using a conventional car washing method could be abrasive towards the graphics of your car; therefore, you should steer clear from it, and choose its counterpart for ensuring the cleanliness of your car.

As an alternative, a car owner can also resort to pressuring washing its vehicle for ensuring the cleanliness of its car, if a car washer complies by the guidelines procured by 3M’s Vehicle:

  • Make sure that the pressure of the water is maintained below 2000 psi (14MPa)
  • Keep the temperature of the water under 180°F.
  • Use a spray nozzle that features a 40-degree/wide-angled spray pattern
  • Keep the nozzle 300mm away from the car

Also, you should consider taking the following measurements when cleaning a car wrap:

  • Remove any excessive fuel spills from the wrap for avoiding the decomposition of the wrap
  • Refrain from using abrasive cleaning agents for cleaning the vinyl wraps
  • Use an all-purpose cleaner for the removal of wax residue from the surface of the vehicle
  • Ask an expert or professional to take care of cleaning the vinyl wrap installed to your car
  • Also, you should consider storing the wrapped vehicle in a shaded or indoor area to protect it from any external pollutants or damaging sun rays

It is important to ask a professional to clean your wrapped car. An experienced professional is vastly familiar with using the methods and cleaning agents without degrading the quality of the vinyl wrap. Or, you can look for certain products on the market that are specifically geared towards the cleanliness and maintenance of vinyl wraps. Remember that if you are not consistent with having your car wrap cleaned, it would keep on accumulating dust, grime, stains, and marks, and every other thing that you do not want to see on your car, and it would require you to replace the wrap with a newly installed vinyl wrap.

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