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What Makes Design Capture Attention?

People thinking

So you have a great idea for a product, but are struggling to convey its value with art? Fear not! Design is always a tricky thing to master, and executing it in a business setting can get even trickier. But that’s not to say it cannot be done.

Now, we are all attracted to visual things. And why shouldn’t we? Our brains are, after all, configured to process visual information much faster than text. But have you ever felt how some art is simply better than the rest?

What do some designers do which makes their work so much more appealing than their counterpart’s? Is there a secret sauce which could help you describe your ideas/products/services better with art? You bet there is!

Before we go any further, it’s important to remember that art vis-a-vis business is quite different from art in general. Yes, there is overlap, but the objective in business art is to capture attention to create a favorable impression of a brand. This is unlike art for the sake of itself, where it’s more of a form of personal expression, open to interpretation.

With that settled, let’s take a look at three of the most crucial factors what great business art gets right.

It’s Simple

Surprised? Most people are given to the impression that art is supposed to be rather complex. After all, isn’t it supposed to have depth, or something? Like we said, business art is objective oriented; therefore, it needs to convey its ideas in the most straightforward manner.

First, find out what you will like to draw the viewer’s attention to. Make it the focal point of your efforts. Brainstorm which elements can be best used to convey that idea. Sometimes, only text will suffice, on other occasions, a picture or a graphic might do the trick. Combining the two can also yield great results. Supporting elements should be oriented around this central idea. Philosophically, minimalism will foot the bill nicely here.

truck wrap NYC by KNAM Media

It Adds Value

Probably one of the least understood aspects of design, and even business in general. Most companies think they need to tell the audience how cool their new products are. Wrong! All your efforts should be directed at addressing the audience’s concerns.

As Harvard Business School professor, Theodore Levitt said, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!” Even Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street echoed a similar sentiment when he went about asking people to “sell him that pen.”

There is a lot that we can take away here. But the long and short here is that you need to know what your audience wants, and then create design which helps them visualize a time where those wants are met.

Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

It Brings Novelty

We kept the best for the last. While the above mentioned factors are timeless, novelty is what will really set you apart. We always gravitate towards the unknown. Anything new is interesting primarily because it presents an opportunity to be explored.

Asking a probing question or abruptly pointing a troubling fact can capture someone’s attention far quicker than a feature list. Try to use design to coax (not push) your audience out of their comfort zones, and into the unknown. This will trigger the explorer in them, and encourage them to explore your ideas further.

Car Decal Advertising NYC by KNAM Media Group

There is a lot more that great designers do that makes them, well, great. But, the aspects discussed above are by far the most important ones. Adding a touch of your own personality is highly recommended too!

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