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7 Reasons Why Window Decals are a Fantastic Investment


As a consumer, how many times have you realized that the business you are now visiting has been there the whole time, but you never knew it existed? As a business owner, how many of your customers do you think have thought the same thing about your company when walking through your door?  

A bland and boring shop front will make your business blend seamlessly into the background on a busy street, especially if it’s surrounded by retailers using flashy graphics and colorful facades. 

If all this leads to you considering how you can attract more walk-in traffic, that’s great, but you might be wondering how. Creative and colorful window decals have a range of benefits, so here’s seven reasons why they are a great investment for any business. 

Cost-Effective Advertising

Improving ROI (Return on Investment) is a goal all businesses work towards, and window decals will be one of your best investments for providing an excellent return. Unlike other advertising mediums where you are paying monthly or annual premiums, a window decal will continue to create returns for as long as you keep it there. 

Yes, you will have upfront costs for design and installation, but you already own the advertising space. Unlike billboards and other display ads, you have no recurring expenses with a window decal, other than the initial investment needed to create it. 

After you recoup your design and installation costs, any further business the window decal attracts is pure profit. If you have large windows, why not make the best use of that space? Very few advertising methods can deliver as cost-effective an advertising solution as permanent or removable vinyl graphics. 



Window Graphics Add Privacy

If you’re in a business where your clients or employees might prefer some privacy from the street, such as a gym, then window graphics can serve to block the view from outside.  

The great thing about frosted window stickers is they let in natural light but block out the view from the street. Perforated films are another option to allow natural light through while still creating a high-level of privacy and delivering an almost unobstructed view to the outside. 

Other great reasons your employees and customers will appreciate window decals include:

  • working on laptops while enjoying a hot cup of coffee
  • Dining at a restaurant
  • Getting a beauty treatment or a haircut
  • Socializing
  • Enjoying a massage
  • Sitting in a waiting room

If your business is one where your employees or customers might prefer a more intimate and less exposed environment, then window graphics might be just the thing to provide it. Your creative window decals will also serve double duty to bring more customers through the door to find out more.

Create Interest for Your Business

An attractive and cleverly worded window graphic can create curiosity in busy pedestrians, many of which may feel inclined to step through your door and learn more about what it is you do. 

Of course, you will have all the information there for them to look you up online when they get back home, but more than a few will decide to walk in instead. After all, they are already in the area and may forget your contact details if they leave it for later. 

For a business operating in the service industry, window cling graphics may whet a passing pedestrian’s appetite just enough to entice them inside to browse, make a booking, or sit down at a table. 

When designing your window decal, the critical thing to remember is to make it more about the visuals and keep text at a minimum. A busy pedestrian walking by won’t stop and read a long paragraph, and visuals are processed and absorbed much faster than text. 

A small tidbit of information about what awaits them inside is all you need to create enough curiosity for them to step through your door. 


Improve Your Branding

Creating brand awareness is all about making the public aware of your business. The more your business appears in the public’s perception, the more likely they are to think of you whenever they find a need for your product or service. 

A lot of brand building is all about the visuals, so a window provides the perfect canvas for advertising your business and getting it in front of thousands of people every day. 

A blank window will never turn any heads, but a bright and colorful graphic can be an attention-grabbing feature of otherwise wasted space.

Put Your Expertise on Display

Maybe you are a screen printer, graphic designer, fashion stylist, or interior decorator. Undoubtedly, you have all of your most outstanding achievements proudly displayed on your website, but how will the people walking past your storefront get an idea of your expertise? 

Use your otherwise blank windows to convince potential clients and customers that you have what it takes to do exceptional work by putting it on display in a well-designed window graphic. 

Window graphics Can be an Extension of Your Digital Marketing

If you have an upcoming event, have a new product launch in the works, or are promoting a new service, you can use window graphics to promote whatever you need it to.

A QR code makes it straightforward for a pedestrian to scan the code and instantly learn more about your launch or special promotion. It can work even better if you provide some incentive to share your content with their followers, like an extra discount or an additional entry in a competition.

Window Stickers are Easily Changed

Removable vinyl decals are so cost-effective, you can easily change them whenever you need to.  The technology has come a long way, and what was once a long, expensive process is now a straightforward, relatively cheap process when compared to other advertising channels. 

A company that needs to keep up with changing trends or follows the seasons like Halloween or Christmas, can still use removable vinyl decals because they are so cost-effective. 

If you’ve been looking for a creative way to promote your business and increase your brand presence in your local marketplace, then check out window decals. They are an incredibly affordable advertising medium with huge potential for attracting more paying customers to your organization. 

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