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10 Ways Truck Wrappings Can Be Good for Business

Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages all day, every day. From parking lots to restrooms, businesses use billboards, flyers, posters, and more to catch the eye of pedestrians and drivers to promote their brand.

Not only are companies competing against each other for attention, but they are also fighting the consumer brain’s innate ability to filter the information it deems unimportant. A tsunami of marketing material growing every week means companies need to find ever more creative ways to connect with their audience.

Standing out and getting noticed in the busy NY Tristate area is critical for a healthy bottom line, which is why truck wraps are an increasingly popular option. When you have vehicles on the road every day, they pass hundreds of potential new leads and prospects. Consumers can’t help but notice a brightly colored truck decal stopped at the lights ahead of or beside them.

What is Truck Wrap Advertising?

A truck wrap is an affordable, straightforward system to deliver your message to people living and working in the areas where your company maintains a presence.

When you have a fleet of vehicles out on the road every day, attractive, eye-catching decals can help you build brand recognition and increase market share in your local area.

Your truck decal’s level of quality is essential if you want it to look good for months or years. Remember, company vehicles are regularly exposed to the elements. Rain, hail, and harsh UV rays from the sun will be doing their best to crack, peel, fade, and ruin your investment.

Not only will your truck lettering look unattractive, but cracks in the material can damage expensive paintwork. For best results, only choose vinyl of the highest quality from a 3M certified company in the NY Tristate area.

There is no doubt that a high-quality company such as KNAM media vinyl wrap in NYC can help you gain more market exposure. If that’s not enough to convince you to add truck graphics to your marketing efforts, here are ten more reasons they represent excellent value:

  1. Your company receives unlimited exposure
  2. Attractive truck vinyl stands out
  3. Truck decal are non-interruptive advertising
  4. Your trucks create a return on your investment
  5. You can easily update your message
  6. Gain more exposure in the local community
  7. Truck graphics give you complete control of your advertising
  8. You protect your vehicle’s paint job with truck graphics
  9. Truck vinyl advertising works 24/7
  10. Truck wraps improve the resale value


Unlimited Exposure

Once you invest in a truck vinyl, you gain exposure for your company whenever that vehicle is out on the road. There are no monthly accounts to keep paying, so if you invest wisely and only work with a 3M certified company, your advertising investment could be working for you for months or years.

A vehicle parked at a client’s side is a billboard advertising your company to the surrounding businesses. A truck stopped at a light will be seen by drivers and pedestrians alike, and more than a few will pull out their phones to find out more about your company.

Coolhaus Truck Wrap

Colorful Branding Stands Out

A plain white truck making deliveries for your company is a missed opportunity because they blend in with the rest of the traffic. However, a colorful truck wrap stands out and gets noticed.

Quality graphics on a sparkling clean vehicle speaks volumes about your dedication to quality and reliable service. Truck decals can attract a lot of attention, so you want to make sure your truck wrap an appealing image of your company.

Your design should focus on being easy to read because most consumers will only have a few seconds to comprehend the message. Make sure they have every opportunity to take in what’s most important.

Truck Decals are Non-Interruptive Advertising

Advertising that is interruptive and takes people’s focus away from what they are doing is often annoying and doesn’t make a positive impression. Truck wraps are non-intrusive but still present an opportunity to educate consumers about your organization. People aren’t forced or interrupted to view your advertising and can decide at their leisure to find out more without feeling annoyed or inconvenienced.

You are Making Use of an Existing Asset

The cost of a truck decal is minimal compared to the investment you make in your fleet of vehicles. If you are going to have such an expensive asset out on the road, why not spend a little extra on an investment that creates a return?

Van Leeuwen Truck Wrap

Easily Change Your Message

Unlike a custom paint job, a vinyl wrap is relatively easy and inexpensive to change. When your business grows and adds new services or products, it’s easy and affordable to create a new truck decal to include the new range. Your vehicles will always look fresh and relevant to the times.

You Are Targeting Your Local Community

Traditional advertising messages often reach beyond your areas of operation. You are using part of your marketing budget to target a demographic that will never spend money with your company. Truck decals have the advantage of only reaching prospects within your sphere of influence, which means your message speaks to a more highly qualified demographic.

Truck Wraps Give You Complete Control

The main problem with internet advertising, billboards, trade directories, and the like is that your advertisement often sits alongside those of your competitors. Billboards can also be snapped up by competing companies when the contract expires. Truck decals are yours and yours alone, and you have complete control over your message.

Coolhaus Truck Wrap

Paint Protection

The benefits of vinyl wraps extend beyond gaining more market exposure because they can also protect the investment in your vehicles in other ways. Paintwork is often faded and marked during the day to day operations, and, over time, the accrued damage can detract from the look of the vehicle. Replacing a truck decal is faster and more affordable than a repaint.

Truck Vinyl Advertising is Always Working

Whether your trucks are out on the road or parked in a driveway, the advertising is always working for you at attracting new prospects.

Truck Vinyl Improves Resale Value

When it’s time to upgrade your trucks, your vehicles will have a higher resale value because you have had truck decals installed. The vinyl protects the paint against the elements, keeping it looking like new and adding significant resale value to a used vehicle.

As you can see, there are many benefits to truck decals, some obvious and some not so obvious. If you are looking for new and innovative ways to attract more prospects and leads to your organization, give KNAM Media a call; we are a 3M certified company in the NY Tristate area, so you know you can rely on the quality.

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