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Why You Should Tie Vehicle Ads With Your Website

We have spoken a lot regarding how effective vehicle advertising can be, primarily because we have witnessed its effectiveness again and again. That being said, we also believe that any advertising effort should be a part of a holistic marketing strategy.

In other words, the better you tie one form of advertising with another, the more your efforts tend to pay off. Generally, businesses tend to make their phone numbers the focus of a vehicle wrap with a secondary emphasis on their website.

But in doing so they might end up leaving money on the table. While phone numbers are no doubt a great way to get immediate sales, if you are looking to retain one time clients, you should try to get them on your web-channels instead. Here’s why.

Higher retention

By now, anyone with a phone dreads being called by a telemarketer, or being riddled with ad laden SMSs. On the other hand, if a prospect were to follow you online on, say, Facebook or subscribe to your email list, you can stay in touch with them continuously. Subscription is a nod from your prospect that they approve of your offer and will like to hear from you.

This doesn’t mean spamming them with offers day in and day out though. Be sensitive to your prospect’s time and privacy and don’t always be trying to sell. Share interesting things with them that will add value to their lives.

More number of ways to reach a person

There a plethora of online channels that you can use depending on the nature of your business and where you can expect to find a client. Email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc are all heavily frequented websites which you can use to create a following.

Now, we know that it’s hard to put the URL to your Facebook/Twitter account on a vehicle ad and expect people to remember it after just a glancing look. The best way to go about tackling this issue would be to use hashtags. Almost all social channels utilize hashtags to organize conversations; and as long as you do not make them insanely long, they are far easier to memorize than URLs, making them a good fit for vehicle ads. Here’s an excellent article on how to use hashtags for marketing.

More engagement

A vehicle ad is a one way dialogue; i.e. you tell your prospects about yourself, but they cannot respond unless they pick up the phone, which would be too much work for most people. By getting your people on a social platform, you can actually strike up a conversation with them. This helps put a human face on your business and people can also clear up any inquiries they might have about your products or latest announcements.

Wrap ads fit at the top of your sales funnel since you are reaching out to people who have no idea about your business. Bombarding people with sales offers at such an early stage is rarely a good idea, and you should instead try and start a conversation with them instead. By emphasizing your website in your vehicle ads, you can get people to subscribe to your list and then slowly build a rapport with them. Not to mention, you can also now reach a prospect repeatedly, and your vehicle ads can be used to bring in new business.

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