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Awesome Event Ideas To Try This Spring

spring events

We braced ourselves for winter. It came and it went. Now it’s spring…sweet, sweet spring!

And who doesn’t like spring? The temperature’s just right, not too cold, not too hot. The Earth is in a state of rejuvenation as it explodes with life after the slumber of the cold months. No wonder we love to head out and enjoy the beautiful display of colors that Mother Nature puts out!

Spring is also the perfect opportunity to market your business, and have a lot of fun doing so! After all, who would want to sit indoors and fill out excel sheets when you can see people having the time of their lives right out of the window? So, this spring ditch the keyboards, put on your khakis and try out these awesome event ideas to get close and personal with your prospects, clients and nature alike!

Create a holiday event

fundraiser event

Spring time comes loaded with holidays, which is perfect for most businesses. Easter, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Memorial Day to name a few and these are perfect time to bond with your audience.

For instance, you could throw a fundraiser for Easter, or if you like the classics, then organize an Easter Egg Hunt in your neighborhood. Here’s an awesome list of ideas for Easter.

Likewise, teacher’s day (May 9) is also the perfect opportunity to let the teachers in your community know how impactful they are. You could throw together a basketball or baseball match especially for them. A sale offering discounts to teachers is also a great way to showcase your thankfulness.

Go green

Spring is also the perfect opportunity to show how eco-conscious you are. Not that it’s the only time; we should definitely be environmentally responsible at all times! You can throw together a regular event (community get together, party etc.) and use green material for it. Go for locally grown organic produce, bio-degradable cups and plates, and use digital invitations instead of paper. Go over to this page for a complete list of eco-friendly things you could try.

A spring cleaning event is also a great idea, especially since most people will be carrying out their own cleaning chores at this time.

Hike it off!

The spring time is usually when gym memberships are renewed thanks to the gluttony of the holidays, and we all know how hard it is to stick to those! So why not organize a hike into the country to help get your prospects in the mood for the great outdoors?

Now, most of the time fitness is a challenge because we are just doing our exercises alone. This is precisely why hiking, community walks or biking events are such a great idea — when people try something together it motivates them to give it their best. Turning your event into a competition is also a great way to get your invitees spirited!

Check out this guide on how to organize a hiking event.

Besides all the outdoorsy stuff, spring is also symbolic of color and vibrancy, so be sure to include some bright color to your marketing material. If you are going to be heading outdoors, then make sure you have some awesome marketing collateral to showcase your cause. We at KNAM Media are always ready to make your spring marketing efforts a successful one. Shoot us an email or call us if you are looking for some great graphics on vinyl, we will love to be a part of your event!

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