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Why Media Buyers Should Consider Vinyl Wrap Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle Wraps by KNAM Media Group, ParaNormanThe job of a media buyer requires a constant calculation. Media buyers and their colleagues in the advertising management space must consider costs vs. benefit at all times, where cost can be calculated in dollars paid for a certain advertising campaign, and benefit is measured not only in actual revenue generated, but also in intangible outcomes, such as overall impressions, increased brand awareness, improved brand reputation, and how long an advertisement continues to affect its viewer’s psyche. Given this calculation, the best media buyers are those who can identify mediums whose overall benefit greatly outweighs their cost. For this reason, a savvy media buyer ought to consider vinyl vehicle wrap advertising when selecting a medium for its next marketing campaign. Why?

Consider the cost:

Generally speaking, using a vinyl vehicle wrap advertisement only requires a one-time fee. There is no ongoing payment, no subscription cost, and no maintenance fee. Installing a vehicle wrap is a matter of selecting a car wrap company whose pricing suits your budget, and paying them just once for installation of the car wrap. After that, the advertisement can last as long as five years in good condition. If desired, the wrap can also be removed by the company who installed it. Prices usually depend on a number of factors involving the size and shape of the vehicle. But the important take-away is that unlike other marketing mediums, vinyl car wrap advertising only requires this one initial payment, which results in years of exposure for the ad.

Consider the benefit:

There are numerous advantages of car wrap advertising that can’t be said of similar advertising methods such as billboards, commercials, or poster ads. For one, with rivaling advertising methods, your advertisement is only displayed for a finite, and often brief, period of time that is agreed-upon before purchasing the advertising space. With vinyl car wrap advertising, the ad should last around five years assuming the vehicle on which the advertisement is displayed is not subjected to too much harsh weather. During that period of time, the number of viewers your advertisement receives is practically unlimited, depending on how frequently you use the vehicle with the vinyl wrap. Hundreds of thousands of viewers, in the form of pedestrians and other drivers, will be exposed to your ad; whereas other advertising mediums have a much more targeted reach.

The takeaway?

The calculation is relatively self explanatory: vinyl vehicle advertising has a much lower Cost Per Impression (CPI) than its competing advertising mediums. And given that CPI is one of the most vital key indicators that media buyers must consider when selecting real estate for their ad, this makes vinyl vehicle advertising particularly effective.

If you are a media buyer interested in further exploring vinyl vehicle wrap advertising, please contact KNAM Media today.

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