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Vinyl Wraps For Event Marketing. How does it work?

Large format printing KNAM MediaEvent marketing, is the one of the biggest and fastest growing promotional marketing strategy that is being implemented by many businesses.  Event marketing takes place every day in almost every neighborhood. Examples include, the free food samples provided by a branded company from their flashy and logo wrapped vehicles. For gamers, there are usually huge trucks with the company logo branding all over them, where the people get a chance to test out the newest titles in the market.

Major businesses spend money to advertise their products on billboards, bus stop benches and even on televisions and radios. A form of advertisement that many are still not using is event marketing. The most common of event marketing example is when  companies use vehicles (cars, trucks) that are completely wrapped in the company products posters and providing freebies to potential customers. Many times, companies hire professional models who give out freebies on behalf of the company to the crowds. While this works well with the elder crowds, a vinyl wrapped automobile will pull people of all ages and sex.

The custom graphics on the automobiles are vinyl wraps that are printed out for placement after precision preparation. The process involves couple steps which stretch from inception of the idea, working with designers on finalizing the actual look of the vinyl wraps based on how they would cover the automobile. The final steps involve the large scale high resolution printout of designs on vinyl sheets which is followed by the actual placement of the vinyl wraps on the vehicle. Truck Vinyl Decals Printing and Installation by KNAM Media

When doing event marketing which includes the use of vehicles, advertisers can expect to get a lot of attention to their products. A stall with blinking lights offering free stuff will surely bring the crowds, but a vehicle wrapped in vinyl is always going to be a bigger crowd puller.

In advertising, creativity will determine how well the potential customers will connect with your company, brand on product. This is the reason that apart from having “promotional models” at your event, having a vinyl wrapped vehicle could make a much bigger difference.

Getting a vinyl wrap on an automobile does not do any damage to the vehicles body. Majority of the times, once the events are over and the companies are done promoting their products / services, they usually use the same car to promote a new product / service at a later time. They simply do this by removing the old vinyl wraps and wrapping the vehicles up with new customized vinyl wraps.

So when you consider doing marketing of your products / services, consider using vinyl wraps on your vehicles to attract more attention.

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