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Vinyl Wall Art for Your Event, Office, Store, or Exhibition

Wall Decals Event Marketing NYC, print, install by KNAM MediaAt KNAM Media, we offer more than just vinyl vehicle wrap advertising; vinyl is a versatile material that can be used to print on a variety of surfaces. One of our specialities is utilizing vinyl prints with beautiful graphics on the walls of offices, stores, galleries, or exhibitions.

What makes vinyl wall decor stand out above other forms of wall art? Firstly, it won’t damage your walls, as we are experts in removing vinyl just like peeling off a sticker. Secondly, with vinyl, you can fully reproduce high quality logos, graphics, and photo-reproduction. Vinyl is more accurate and less expensive than hand-painted graphics. For that reason, you can use vinyl to expand larger lengths and widths than you might with a traditional painting. Using vinyl to expand your graphic from floor to ceiling can have a compelling effect. Furthermore, vinyl art is still a relatively new trend in office and wall decor – using it to market your company or service will show that you are at the forefront of contemporary graphic advertising.

Here are some examples of the types of spaces in which vinyl decor can be particularly effective:

    • Art galleries

Use vinyl graphics to enhance your art gallery by adding environmental graphics or use vinyl conceptually as an addition to your existing art exhibition.

    • Office waiting rooms or lobbies

Using vinyl graphics in your office’s lobby or waiting room can add to your company’s professional image. Display your logo or product, or an artistic graphic or photo to give your office a cutting-edge aesthetic.

    • Bars or restaurants

Many successful restaurants and bars utilize vinyl wall graphics to add character and class to their interior space. You can use tranquil images such as beautiful scenes from nature, or colorful modern art to set the tone in your bar or restaurant.

    • Photography exhibits

For an added effect, use vinyl at your photography exhibit to let your viewers see even more detail in your shots. Expand the vinyl from floor to ceiling so your viewers can feel as if they as if they were there with the photographer while he took the shot.

    • Retail environments

Many of the most successful and popular retail stores are already using vinyl graphics to set the mood in their retail environments. Your customers will love way your vinyl walls can transform the aesthetic of your store. Steer clear of blinding white walls and use vinyl graphics to give your store color, style, and class.

Learn more about our vinyl graphics for stores, restaurants, exhibitions, and events.

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