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Vinyl Truck Wraps for Leased Trucks – What to Know

Truck wrap advertising by KNAM Media, Express Runway

Truck leasing is a popular method used by many small businesses who need to ship or haul items using a semi truck, day cab, or tow truck, but the business don’t have enough money to purchase a truck up front. Or, if an individual decides to start a business that requires a fleet of trucks, such as a shipping, moving, or food business, it can be more cost efficient to use truck leasing than to purchase several trucks up front. As a response, truck leasing companies are becoming more creative with the services they offer their clients in order to present their company as the best option. For example, many truck leasing companies have now implemented vinyl truck wraps as an additional option business owners can select when they are deciding on the make and model of the truck they are going to lease. In most cases, this is an excellent option for businesses who could use a little help getting the word out about their product or service, because the leased truck will essentially operate as a moving billboard.

Vehicle Wraps Advertising by KNAM Media, Express-RunwayHow does it work? The truck leasing company works with a vinyl vehicle wrap company, such as KNAM Media Group, to offer custom vinyl wraps to its customers as an option they can select to enhance their leased truck. When a customer decides to implement a vinyl wrap on their truck, they can either select their own vector graphic to be used on the vinyl wrap, or task the wrap company with creating the graphic themselves for an additional fee. The truck leasing company then works the cost of the wrap into the price of leasing the truck, so it fits nicely into the payment plan the business is using to lease the truck in the first place.

What are the benefits of using a vinyl truck wrap on your leased truck?

  • Increased brand awareness by exposure to thousands pedestrians and other drivers
  • Very low CPI (cost per impression) compared to other graphic marketing methods – your truck wrap will reach many more viewers than a traditional billboard advertisement would, for a lower cost
  • If your business was going to lease the truck anyway, why not use it as an opportunity to market your product or service?
  • Vinyl vehicle wraps are still a somewhat new method of advertising, so they can be more effective than traditional display ads, as they are more eye-catching and interesting to their viewer

If you are a truck leasing company interested in working with KNAM Media Group to offer vinyl truck wraps to your clients, contact us today!

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