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Decal Advertising or Social Media? Who wins?

To hear some of those who criticize the overuse of digital media tell it, we have become a society of people who are too busy looking down at our iPhones and Droids to safely cross the street! Sure, these remarkable devices on which we depend so much have become integral to our lives. But we also live in one of the most visual, interesting, in-the-know cities in the world, New York, and we know it.

Yet businesses cannot and should not ignore the power and draw of the digital media that your customers pay so much attention to — they should use it to their advantage.

Your physical business, your storefront or building, can get into the digital game. Today. Marketing your message has changed, for the better, and here is how you can adapt and benefit.

Brand your physical space with the digital media tags, icons and lead-ins that New Yorkers will see — and remember — when they’re online. Use high-quality, first-class decals on your doors, windows, walls and vehicles to introduce and reinforces your website address, Twitter feed, Facebook account, Youtube videos and your overall digital presence. Hashtag (#) your hamburgers, trend your tailoring, request retweets of your retail establishment! Sure, people search and see where they want to spend their money online too, but branding yourself in the here-and-now, in two-dimensional decals on your three-dimensional space can give you one up on the web. Take advantage of it.

At KNAM Media Group, we have been wrapping and displaying the highest-quality decals in messages on businesses like yours for years.

These decals are professionally designed, produced and installed and durable yet easily removable. And by working with you, we help you adapt and understand how this marketing — and the online media customers like yours use — buy.

New York City, with its high concentration of pedestrians, drivers and passengers is a unique metropolis that allows for this tremendous “reverse-digital” reinforcement. Millions of eyes, shoppers, are riveted on the sights of the city and what it has to offer. So, tell them, show them. Take advantage of the visual (and actual!) real estate before them to tell them how to go online to learn more about you.

Online digital marketing is all about making connections.

A website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram address allows someone online to get to the information they’re looking for. Pinterest can be an online catalog of everything you offer that won’t fit in your window. Youtube lets them see you in action. With colorful, killer graphics on your place of business, and the vehicles that serve it, you are introducing those online addresses to a buying audience that wants your information and takes comfort and pride in the fact that you are local — near them.

Whether we help you develop through our tasteful, true-to-life decals, subtle online icon reminders that you participate in social media, or assist you a with blatant trending and hashtag advertising offensive, watch your online following, and sales, grow.

Your customers and potential customers need what you sell. As a brick-and-mortar establishment, take advantage of how KNAM Media Group can help you bridge the gap and bring you the business the online communities spend. The Internet is limitless. Help those who should be shopping with you find you by giving them your online addresses at your physical address. Let us show you how.

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