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Top 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle Ads

Mobile advertising in today’s fast paced environment is becoming one of the most effective forms of advertising to promote businesses both large and small. When it comes to promoting your company a vehicle wrap will give you the most impressions made per dollar than any other form of outdoor advertising.

A vehicle wrap is a one-time investment that will last years, but will pay for itself in no time at all. Designing and installing a vehicle wrap will create hundreds of thousands of impressions per month, and millions of impressions per year. With these results you are sure to increase your customer base and yearly business revenue.

Be it a short-term campaign or a long-term campaign, truck wraps can be removed after 6 days or 6 years without damaging the original paint.

To maximize the impact and return on investment for your outdoor vehicle advertising programs keep the following pointers in mind.

Prime Focus on Quality & Design

Car Decal Advertising NYC by KNAM Media GroupThe qualitative aspect of your wrap advertising is of prime importance. Unsightly advertising will most definitely have a negative impact on the consumer mindset; one must proactively keep the quality as high as possible. The design must be in tune with the specific target market segment so as to capture the imagination of the customer.

Novelty is; more often than not a wow factor that can be used to your advantage. Ultimately you want the style of vehicle ad you choose to command attention, emphasize key information and stand the test of time.

Choose the Right Brand

Large format printing in New YorkOne reason that so many wraps fail from a marketing perspective is because the business has a poor brand identity and logo. For small businesses trying to make an impact in their community, the message is always about the brand.

Starting with a poor brand means you’ve failed before you’ve begun: by wasting money on a wrap and missing a huge marketing opportunity. Be as critical as you can while selecting the brand that you want to associate with. A good graphic design company does not want to be responsible for wasting your money by trying to work with a brand that has no business being implemented on a wrap.

Beauty in Simplicity

NYC Car Wrapping Installation NYC by KNAM MediaLastly, make sure that you don’t clutter your car wrap design with too many details, colors, or information. Keep it succinct; your brand name/logo and contact details. Treat your car wrap as if it is a moving billboard. You don’t want too many details otherwise it will get lost on your audience.

The consumer mindset automatically registers visuals which are short and crisp, be sure of the message that needs to go through to your target audience and focus on getting that across as simply as possible.

You have very limited time to capture the viewer’s attention and have your brand be understood and remembered. Your message needs to be 100 percent focused on who you are and what your brand is.

These small tricks could be the foremost difference in your vehicle advertisements being able to impact your intended audience and could tip the scales towards your brand.

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