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Most Creative Vinyl Advertisement Campaigns

More versatile than a poster, and more cost-effective than a billboard, vinyl wrapping has easily become the go-to advertisement medium since its invention in the late 19th century. Today, vinyl decals can be used in countless ways and applied to any number of surfaces to catch someone’s eye-allowing brands to increase awareness and sales through innovative campaigns.

As so many small to mid-sized companies cannot afford print and billboard advertisement, they often turn to digital marketing for a less expensive alternative. However, vinyl decals allow your company the opportunity to advertise in the real world. Not only is vinyl advertisement cost-effective, but passer-bys often share photos of creative campaigns (like the ones below) on the web; allowing your work to go viral.

When considering your vinyl wrapping or decal design, look to these successful campaigns for inspiration; and remember, your campaign can be as remarkable and effective as you can imagine. KNAM Media Group is simply here to make your vision a reality.

1.)   The Simpson’s  Movie Advertisement

This advertisement reminds us that vinyl can be placed almost anywhere. This marketing campaign for The Simpson’s movie was playful and fun while sticking to the humor the show’s audience loves.

2.)   Zoo Advertisement

This vinyl wrapping ad campaign shows the 3-D illusion possible with a creative design.

3.)   Axtel , a Mexican telecommunications company

This window decal is much more eye-catching than a simple company sign on your buildings’ exterior.

4.)   National Geographic “Bait for the Kill” Ad Campaign

This bus decal makes an advertisement fun, versus bland and mundane.

5.)   Mondo Pasta’s Boat Wrapping Campaign

This campaign has “thinking outside-the-box” written all over it. Mondo Pasta knows that only vinyl wrapping can provide such a creative (therefore effective) ad campaign.

6.)   Elevator floor 3-D illusion

New York City building elevators can have high volume traffic-becoming an ideal surface for advertisements. See if you can instill shock and awe in a busy NYC natives day-to-day with a creative vinyl decal floor ad.

7.)   Window Cleaner Window Decal

We can see thousands of passer-bys  taking photos with this hilarious window advertisement.

8.)   Bionade Beverage

This vinyl wrap for Bionade soda allowed for an effective marketing campaign with more ad space than some pricey billboards!

Today, marketers have the challenge of needing to stand out and make every dollar count- and these ads prove vinyl wrapping and decals can do just that.

Feeling inspired? Get started on your vinyl decal today with KNAM Media Group!

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