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Give Your Manhattan Business a New Look for the New Year

The countdown has begun. We are rapidly approaching the end of 2014 and entering into a new year.

Now, how about a new look for your business?

If you own a storefront business in the Manhattan area, think about something of a facelift. Technically, we’re talking about something more along the lines of fresh makeup rather than cosmetic surgery, but you’ll get the idea.

Think exciting, new window displays using the highest quality, professionally designed and installed film decals from New York City-based KNAM Media.

With January smack in the middle of wet, windy, wintery weather, people walking by your business, your potential customers, don’t need a lot of incentive to come inside. Make your invitation to them to do so irresistible with classy, clever window displays. These decal films are professionally installed: harmlessly, beautifully, without bubbles and are completely removable. In other words, no windows are harmed in the filming of your business!

And think about the possibilities:

  • Display your products surrounded by white, sandy beaches — something any New Yorker would have a hard time turning their heads away from as they dodge cars and taxis in the slush.
  • Or begin the tease to spring with flowers, grasses and more weather-hospital activities. Go bananas with bananas. Think tropics or other hot topics.
  • The (blue?) sky is the limit…or not.

Welcome to my business

And if you feel like you could use a little, or a lot, of creative direction to dress up your business, that is what KNAM Media is here for.

We will work with you and your imagination, and ours, to develop and install these high quality window decals. Limitless colors, images, ideas that we will make a reality for you.

Regardless of what you decide, make your business’s new look enticing and inviting.

Use the dark skies and short days to give your business a glow that only this high quality vinyl decal on windows can project. Based on your individual business’s windows, we will work with you not to obscure the viewing space that you have but to enhance it.
KNAM Media has been making businesses like yours visibly exciting to New Yorkers for a long time, and we are ready to show you what we can do for yours. When you contact one of our window specialists, they become your window specialist.

We get to work understanding

  • who your customers are,
  • what you want to sell,
  • who sees your business,
  • how much space we have to maximize,
  • what we have to visually compete with in your area.

Then, we pull in our design team, with as much input from you as you would like to provide, to come up with visually outstanding ideas to make New York City foot traffic beat a path into your door. KNAM Media’s professionals work with you to design what you need, perform all of the necessary quality control, and execute seamless, unobtrusive installation to suit your business’s schedule.

Now is the time to plan for how you can look in 2015!Business Window Decals NY

Be bold, have fun, make a resolution that your New York business can look the best and most creative that it can be. Use your windows for that competitive edge to start sales off strong for the New Year with windows that increase your chances of customers coming in to buy what you sell.

Whether you are a retailer, bar, restaurant, service business or anything in between, consider that facelift that will get you noticed.

Happy New Year!

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