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Advertising Your Business In New York City

New Yorkers know business. And they know advertising. In fact, they’re inundated with so much exposure to media every day that new impressions (especially positive ones) are getting harder and harder to come by. That’s why KNAM Media Group is here to help local businesses and causes with our one-of-a-kind business decals, which can be adapted for use in a wide variety of situations. Marketing decals are an effective way to get more business and get a message across, especially in a densely populated urban environment.

What Is Vinyl Wrap Marketing?

In plain English, we’ve painstakingly researched the best ways to get physical, immediate, in-person ad impressions using a variety of media for a variety of marketing situations for your NYC business. We provide your business with a custom-designed vinyl wrap or flex logo decal. These marketing decals come in a variety of both custom and standard sizes and should be used just about anywhere you need exposure.

Storefront Decals

Restaurant window decals Printing and Installation by KNAM Medai

Many of our clients love to order and place marketing decals on the actual window space or storefront area of their business– this gets great impressions from the street, and is weatherproofed to stay resilient and resistant to the city’s tough elements, including sun! These marketing decals are fantastic for getting your company or business’ images and message out there to the people in the city who need it most– the folks walking or driving by a storefront. Other great places to use vinyl decals are the walls of your business– our custom-designed decals look amazing under all lighting conditions and can be easily swapped out when it’s time to change seasonal stock or introduce a new product or promotion. When it’s time to do that, just give us a call, and we’ll be there with what you need.

Car And Truck Decals

Unruly Heir Ads on Truck by KNAM Media Group Smart Car Decals by KNAM Media Group, Blinds Drapery Cleaning

Mobility is key in an increasingly dynamic world. Vehicle Decals are the best alternative to other physical advertisement types because our custom-designed vinyl marketing decals go on your car or truck easily, stay where you want them, are absolutely weatherproof, and can be swapped out quickly and easily for other designs. NYC residents and businesses are used to seeing advertisements of all kinds, but vinyl vehicle wrap marketing is still very new. Because it’s relatively new, your business receives the most bang for its buck when it uses car or truck marketing decals. The vehicle drives around the city doing other business, at the same time generating free advertising and impressions for your products or services. It’s a win-win situation!

Signs and Banners

Plexiglass Sign Vinyl Wrap and Installation by KNAM Media Group

Signs and banners are a natural extension of vinyl wrap marketing– our decals can be custom-cut and fit a variety of needs and messages. With the inherent flexibility in our design process, KNAM Media Group will be certain to get you and your business the marketing decal, logo, sign or banner it needs and deserves.

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