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5 Reasons New York Businesses Should Consider Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Unruly Heir Ads on Truck by KNAM Media GroupThere is one common misconception about vinyl vehicle advertising: that it works best in areas with a heavy “car culture” in which most residents own cars and spend time in cars. The idea is that the more people there are driving their own cars, the more exposure there will be for cars wrapped in vinyl decals. While it is true that these wrapped vehicles will garner a lot of impressions from fellow drivers, there are several reasons why vinyl vehicle wraps may actually be more effective in major cities, such as New York City.

1. More Exposure to Pedestrians

The primary difference between using vinyl vehicle advertising in major urban areas as opposed to suburban areas is that the viewers of your advertisement will be on foot, not in a car. This will give them more time to safely soak in what your ad has to say and even jot down your website or phone number if it’s listed on the ad. Drivers will see your ad but may not internalize the details in the same way that a pedestrian might.

2. Less Commonly Used in Urban Areas

In suburban areas, more business owners have already thought to use vehicle advertising since the focus of their neighborhoods is often on car culture. However, in urban areas, there are many alternative methods of physical advertising, such as billboards, subway advertising, bus stop advertising, and more. This makes it so vehicle wraps stand out that much more since the population is not as used to seeing advertisements driving down the middle of the road. Now is the perfect time to avail of vehicle wrap advertising before it is too popular!

3. Wrapped Cars Stand Out in a Sea of Yellow Taxis

Similarly, anyone who has ever walked down the street in Manhattan can tell you that about 3/4 of the cars on the road are yellow taxi cabs. This has the effect of making any unique vehicle strongly stand out in a sea of yellow. Therefore, New York business owners would be smart to choose a strong color on their vehicle that breaks the flow of yellow that floods the New York city streets.

4. City Dwellers are More Responsive to Visual Advertising

Living in a big city, part of your daily routine is to check out all the latest advertisements on the subway, on posters that line the city streets, at bus stops, and almost everywhere else. Checking out creative advertising becomes second nature to city dwellers – it almost becomes a method of shopping around to see which brands are out there doing new things. Therefore, those living in a big city are will be more prone to check out and soak in what a car wrap ad has to say.

5. Greater Overall Impressions

Last but not least, car wrap advertising will be more effective in a major city like New York City for one obvious reasons: your business will receive thousands more viewers on a day to day basis than it might in a more residential area. Millions of people pass through the city streets on a daily basis and so your business will garner that much more exposure through an ad on car that passes through the city.

If you are looking for a reliable, trusted vinyl car wrap company in New York City, look no further than KNAM Media Group. Contact us today.

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