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4 Reasons Why Vinyl Wraps Are Better Than Paint Jobs

Everyone loves to personalize their space with some art. And art is a personal thing; we all have our style after all. Unfortunately, art has never really been cost-effective. People who can afford to deck their homes, offices and vehicles with enviable artistic renditions are glanced upon as a distinct breed that can pay to look and feel different.

But little do people realize how things have changed. While way back it would have taken an artist many days to paint out your fantasies on a surface of your choice, today, it is as easy as printing out a design on a vinyl sheet from a computer, and sticking it like a decal wherever you want.

No, we are not saying paint is bad; in fact we have the greatest admiration for people who put in the hours to create a masterpiece. But at the same time progress should be given some wiggle room as well. In fact, you will be surprised what effects can be achieved with vinyl wraps! Here are 4 reasons to choose vinyl wraps over paint…

Lower cost: One of the core functions of technology is to make a solution more readily available to everyone. Imagine our world today if the printing press was never invented and all the books were still being written by hand! There would be less material, in which case a precious few would even have access to it. It’s the same with vinyl wraps and paint. Custom paint jobs can easily cost thousands of dollars depending on how complex the design is and what effects you want. A vinyl wrap or sticker on the other hand costs much less and can achieve the same, if not better results.

Far more sturdy: The other issue with expensive paint jobs is that you have to guard them with your life. One scratch, a random pebble of the street, a spilled mocha from a careless hand and there goes your investment. Vinyl wraps not only look great, but they are built to last as well. In fact, it’s hard to permanently damage them, and you can clean them quickly as well.

Quicker execution: As a business trying to get the word out, you probably do not want to wait a few weeks to see the end result. Paint jobs take a LOT of time to complete! Again, if you are looking for multiple colors and airbrushing, then it will take even longer. Vinyl wraps instead are designed on a computer so you can see the finished product beforehand after which they are simply printed out. The entire process takes a couple days.

Easy to replace: In the early 1990s, an enterprising German company named Kay Premium Marking Films (KPMF) began producing colored wraps for taxis in Germany which were required by law to be in an unattractive beige color. Before the wrap came along, taxis were painted beige which made them almost impossible to resell.

KPMF’s wraps were easy to install and replace which made them an instant hit. As a business, you will want to try out different messages for effectiveness, wouldn’t it make sense to have an easily removable decal on your vehicle(s) or storefront instead of a hard to scrub paint job?

There are many more reasons we can think of why wraps can outdo paint (easier to maintain for instance), but we think these illustrate the idea best. Once again, we are not saying that you should steer clear of paint, or it’s strictly a thing of the past. Indeed, anything which is painted by a human hand has a soul of its own. That being said vinyl wraps are better suited as “business art” where quality, financial permissibility, and timeliness need to converge.

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