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Perforated Window Decals

What could be better? You get a full color image that covers your windows, but you’re still able to get light in and even see out! Perforated window decals are an amazing invention that you can use anywhere. 

The trick is that there are microperforations in the vinyl that let light through, but make it impossible for someone to see in. The vinyl can be printed with any image, logo, and wording you want.

On the Street or In the Store

Your street-facing windows can be a giant billboard for your business. You can advertise your business generally, a new product line, or even put up the image of your celebrity endorser. There is no limit to what we can print on perforated window decals. 

Inside the store, any glass wall or plate glass window can have a perforated window decal put on it. Since it’s custom printed and made to order, we can adapt to any size. Use all that space to entice your customers and make more sales.

Any Design

Because there’s between 50% and 60% of the vinyl surface intact, we’re able to print anything on it you’d like. Many businesses use this space to create large photographic murals that tell the world what they do.

Seasonal Promotions

If your store runs seasonal promotions, use perforated window decals to show that right out in front. A great sign for your spring tire sale, the summer swimsuit discount, or a huge Black Friday promotion can all be shown graphically right in the front windows. 

You can use the windows inside the store for even more promotions, making those static panes of glass a powerful selling tool.


With perforated window decals, you can see out, but people outside can’t see in. This is perfect for spas and doctors’ offices where privacy is important, but you still want to get some natural light in. From the outside, passersby can’t see anything but the images on the front.


In this time of working toward more energy savings, using natural light to help illuminate your store is important. With a standard vinyl decal, you lose all of the light. Perforated vinyl graphics let light in, saving energy and giving your space a bright, comfortable feel.

On the Doors

You can use window perf for the glass doors of your business. As people reach for the handle, they’ll see a big, beautiful image and marketing message about your store. This is a great place for promotions and sales.

Even Small Spaces

Even small windows deserve perforated window decals. A long wall with a single window in it can get a massive splash of color with window perf. It doesn’t even need to be a promotion, but it can be a picture of an ice cream cone for your sweet shop or mechanic’s tools for your auto shop.

A Big Business Standard

Nearly every big box store that you drive by that has a glass front was designed for window perf as a permanent part of their design and marketing. With KNAM Media you don’t need to be a large company to take advantage of this graphic marketing tool. 

Drop us a line and let’s talk about how perforated window clings can help you make more sales!

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