Dance Floor Graphics

Whether you want to put your logo permanently on your dance floor or you want to wow wedding guests with a personalized graphic, KNAM Media helps you with the latest technology and amazing style. 

Too often, dance floors are the forgotten space in the room. There are images on the walls, some on the ceiling, but too few businesses think to turn the dance floor into a place to share a message.

Temporary Dance Floor Graphics

Putting down dance floor graphics to celebrate events is an excellent way to make your guests feel special. 

Hosting a corporate event? Put the company logo on the floor.
Having a show in your venue? Put the band’s image down.
Hosting a wedding? The bride’s and groom’s names on the floor will really blow their minds.

Our vinyl floor graphics stand up to days of dancing, but come right off the floor when you’re ready for us to take them away. We print them in any size, with as many colors as you want, and will install them for you on the day and time you need.

Then, when the event is over, our team removes the graphics, leaving the floor in pristine condition.

Permanent Dance Floor Graphics

Put your logo on the floor.
Mark out the different parts of the floor. 
Add color and style to a boring concrete or wooden floor.
Want an old-fashioned checkered dance floor?

No matter what you want to do, KNAM Media prints and installs amazing graphics that will last for years.

Some of our clients have used our vinyl graphics to create amazingly colorful abstract designs. They’ve put photos and images on their floors to create a dramatic space.

Since we can print large size graphics, we make it easy to cover an entire room, no matter what size. Our team installs everything, and we guarantee the graphics will last for years.

3M Certified

The world’s leading manufacturer of vinyl graphics materials is 3M, an American company that’s responsible for most of the innovations in the last 50 years. 

The team at KNAM Media has been trained by representatives from 3M to print and install their vinyl graphics for every application.

Beyond that training, our team has been serving the New York City – New Jersey – Connecticut area for decades. Few businesses have as much experience as we do, and none has the dedication to total customer satisfaction that we do.

Designing Graphics

If you have your own graphics made, send them to us. We’ll send you a detailed mock-up and a binding offer for the work. 

If you need graphics made, we know a number of excellent graphic designers throughout the tri-state area that assist in creating exactly the look you want.

Installation is always what we do. We don’t just print a graphic, then let you figure it out. When we take care of you, we do it all.

Contact the team at KNAM Media. Let us print and install your dance floor graphics. Together, we’ll blow your customers’ minds.

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No matter what the message is, KNAM Media can put removable floor graphics down that will amaze everyone that sees them.


We’ve been putting sidewalk graphics down for stores, restaurants, bars, transit companies, and more all over the tri-state area.


We will make sure that the floor surface is properly prepped, that the graphic is laid out correctly, and that the graphic is installed perfectly.